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Quran Asan Tehrik® has, compiled translation of Quran-e-Hakim in two colors, the Arabic word written in a colour bears it’s meaning in the same colour, the text and the translation go side-by-side together on a page, making it extremely easy to ascertain which Arabic word means what. This method provides the reader an easy understanding of the Arabic as a language and also builds up potential of the reader to comprehend Quran-e-Hakim directly without the aid of any exterior help.

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The Quran, more than any other single phenomenon known to us,has fundamentally affected Quran_mainthe religious, social and political history of the world. No other sacred scripture has ever had a similarly immediate impact upon the lives of the people who first heard its message and, through them and the generations that followed them, on the entire course of civilization. It shook Arabia, and made a nation out of its perennially warring tribes; within a few decades, it spread its world-view far beyond the confines of Arabia and produced the first ideological society known to man; through its insistence on consciousness and knowledge, it engendered amongst its followers, a spirit of intellectual curiosity and independent inquiry, ultimately resulting in that splendid era of learning and scientific which distinguished the world of Islam at the height of its cultural vigour…..

…. and never has any other book supplied to so many, and over so long a span of time, a similarly comprehensive answer to the question, “How shall I behave in order to achieve the good life in this world and happiness in the life to come?”
The Quran represents the ultimate manifestation of God’s grace to man, the ultimate wisdom, and the ultimate beauty of expression: in short the true Word of God.