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Quran Asan Tehrik® has, compiled translation of Quran-e-Hakim in two colors, the Arabic word written in a colour bears it’s meaning in the same colour, the text and the translation go side-by-side together on a page, making it extremely easy to ascertain which Arabic word means what. This method provides the reader an easy understanding of the Arabic as a language and also builds up potential of the reader to comprehend Quran-e-Hakim directly without the aid of any exterior help.

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code#List of Publications QURAN ASAN TEHREK in Two colorsPagesSize InchPrice
1-JCTo become Quran Asan Tehrik (Regd), Life Membership Fee: Rs. 20000/ Min. Annual Membership Fee: Rs. 2000/- & Renewal Rs. 500/- ———————- Quran-e-Hakeem Jamboo size (Bold) Urdu Translation Compiled complete108811.5×16.51500
2-JCQuran-e-Hakeem (2 Vol) Jamboo size (Bold) Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed109011.5×16.51600
3-QKQuran-e Hakeem Kamil Standard offset/Quran paper Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed11047.5×10660
4-QFQuran-e-Hakeem Kamil Fine Quality Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed.11047.5×10770
5-QJQuran-e-Hakeem Kamil Gift or Dowry Edition Art paper Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed.11047.5×101500
6a-QVQuran-e-Hakeem (3 Vol) 10 Parts each Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed11127.5×10770
6b-QVQuran-e-Hakeem Fine Quality (3 Vol) 10 Parts Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed11127.5×10880
7-PSQuran-e-Hakeem Para set (1 to 30) Parts Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed11047.5×10770
8a-HHQuran-e-Hakeem complete Himayl Size Amny Samny ki tarteeb mai Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed11125×7.5400
9a-KUQuran-e-Hakeem upr neechay Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed9387.5 x 10.0495
10-HSQuran-e-Hakeem Himayl Size Special Edition Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed11125×7.5200
11-DSQuran-e-Hakeem Diary Size with Box(6 Vol Set) Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed11043.5×7.5990
12-SQSelected Syllabi From The Holy Quraan English Translation Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed727.5×10110
13-QPQuran-e-Hakeem Pocket Size Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed11123.5×7.5270
14-KTQuran-e-Hakeem with Urdu Transliteration & translation Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed11449×11.51320
15-JTQuran-e-Hakeem with Urdu Transliteration & translation (3 Vol) Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed11529×11.51430
16-PTQuran-e-Hakeem with Urdu Transliteration & translation Para Set Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed11529×11.51430
17-SBSoo-ra-tul Faa-teha & Ba-qa-ra Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed887.5×10100
18-MS13 Selected Soo-ras (chapters) of the Holy Quran Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed727.5×1090
19-MNSelected Syllabi Quran Hakeem (command ments of Holy Quran) DR.Mohammad Rashid Randhawa567.5×1090
20-NINamaz (Urdu) Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed487.5×1070
21a-NUNamaz with Urdu Transliteration & translation Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed403.5×510
21b-NTSoo-ra Yaa-seen Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed325×7.525
22a-YUSoo-ra Yaa-seen Himayl Size (Offset Paper) Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed403.5×515
22b-YHSoo-ra Yaa-seen Himayl Size (Art Paper) Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed405×7.525
22c-YHHir-ze- Aazam Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed405×7.550
23-HAThe Holy Quran with English translation & Transliteration Vol-1 (Part 1 to 5) Vol-2 (Part 6to10) Sayyed Mohammad Aarif443.5×515
24-EVThe Holy Quran with English translation & Transliteration (Part 1 to 11 and 30th) Sayyed Mohammad Aarif887.5×10120
25-EPBook of Salaat with English Translations and Roman Transliteration Sanaul Haq Qazi & Syed Muhammad Aarif3167.5×10500
26-ESQuranic & Masnoon Supplications with Translation Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed525×7.565
27a-QMBook of Salaat with English Translations and Roman Transliteration Sanaul Haq Qazi & Syed Muhammad Aarif2243.5×545 (offset paper)
9b-KUVQuran-e-Hakim (Uper Neechey)3 Jild Set9367.5 x 10.0595
27b-QMQurani Masnoon Dua2243.5×5.080 art paper
code#List of Publications QURAN ASAN TEHREK in One colorsPagesSize InchPrice
28-LM"AL-LU-LU WA-MARJAN" Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed collect of Agreed upon Traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) Imam Bokhari and Imam Muslim *Arabic text with Urdu Translation7467.5×10535
29-IU"Islam Kia Hay" Urdu Translation Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed3645×7.5100
30-IEA General Introduction to Islam (Eng) Raja F-M Majid concepts.3565×7.5120
31-UHUSWA-I-HASAN (Urdu) Gist of ZaadulMaad True Picture of practical life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) by Imam Ib-ne Translation Molana Abdul Razaq Maleah Abadi2205×7.5120
32-ABAL-BA-LAA-GHUL MO-BEEN (Urdu) by shah wali-ullaah Commandments of Allaah & Obedience of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) Translation Molana Muhammad Ali Mazafre2005×7.560
33-QS(Quran Parhna Seekhey) how to recite the Holy Quran in easy way by Misbahul-Haq1465×7.560
34-QI(Kia AAp Ney Quran ka Irshaad suna) Have you heard, "What Quran Says? in very thought provoking style by Misbahul-Haq525×7.512
35-TSTauheed and Fruits of Belief in Tauheed Oneness of God and its logical explanation by Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed425×7.512
36-FMFAHME QURAN KEY AH-DAF-O-MA-QAASID (Urdu) by Maulana SyedShabbir Ahmed (Aims & objectives of understanding Quran) through this booklet we come to know why it is important to understand Quran165.75×98
37-TATilawat-e-Qurani key Adaab Manners and requirements of Recitation of the Holy Quran by Abdul Mujeeb85.75×98
38-RA(Roza aur Aafaat-e-Roza )Fasting and its Requirements and Salutions to the problems of fasting in a very thought provoking style. by Molona Ameen Ahsan Islaahi163.5×58
39-NN(Nama-ze Na-ba-vee) Through this booklet we easily come to know the way of Holy Prophet,s (PBUH) Ragular Prayer (Salaat) compiled by Board of scholars525.75×910
40-ANAzkaar-Bad Az-Na-maanz Art card Compiled by Engineer Sarwar Khokar14MP312
41-MMMasjid Hamaraa Markaz by Maulana Syed Shabbir Ahmed85.75×97
42-QCCD consisting Complete Holy Quraan in Two Colours for Reading , Book of Salaat , Para Part 1 with Urdu Translation & transliteration , Quranic & Masnoon Duaain translated in Urdu & Arbic Talawat by Qari Mashari bin Rashid2125.75×9100
43-KH"Kya Hum musalmaan Hain" By: M. Qutab65.75×9120
44-AM"Adaab-e-Masjid or Hamary Rawaiye"65×1007
48-ANAdab-e-Namaz (Art Paper)65×109